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The forgotten

The goal for this work is to narrate a story about the assumed past and future of the site and build a public work proposal.
Colonisation took over Aboriginal land of Neerim (now Fitzroy North in Victoria), to accommodate the new workforce of Australia.
Now Imperial houses are being abandoned and replaced with more “modern” and globalised buildings, Australia is colonising its own history all over again.

Analysis of derives

This project is inspired by walks taken during Melbourne Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020.


Sunny day with clouds

The clouds are forming shapes

Shapes and shade

Texture and cracks

Words and signs

Following my path

Being in the present

And nostalgia in my eyes


Once regal and admired

Now on my way

To be condamned.


Situated in Fitzroy North, the house is heritage listed and that it was bought and remained unoccupied for 40 years. The only way to demolish a heritage-listed property is to get it condemned. The electricity is on and one of the windows is open. Probably squatters are occupying the house.

The house is of local historical and architectural significance. It is an interesting example of a large Italianate house, with unusual detailing, including the tower, and the balustraded balcony above the polygonal bay window.
The house also derives significance from its associations with Joseph Gamble, founder of the Excelsior Steam Crushing and Pavement Works, and later with the Austral/ Moonee Valley Glass Bottle Works, established in early 1897 by John Donne. This was his house.
In July 1980 this home was sold for AUD$84,900. Its block size is 512 square metres.

Final work

The final work is a temporary performance in front of the physical site, showing the photos changing in front of the camera. It could be projected on a glass screen in front of the house, glass reminding of the house was once built as a residency for the manager of the, at the time, adjacent glass bottle industry. The goal is to engage people in the history of the site and reflect on our disappearing cultural heritage.

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