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Sam Kariotis

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Artist Statement

The work ‘Death Party’ tries it’s damn hardest to put the Fun back in Funeral! Inspired by the history of the Dans Macabre as well as cheesy 90s sitcoms, Sam Kariotis explores the connection between Life, Death, and the destigmatization of their transitions.
The work plays with the duality of life and death, the continuous cycle and connections between them, and how we all have friends on the other side in one way or another.

Artist Bio

Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, Sam Kariotis is a multi-disciplinary artist, combining forms of digital and traditional collage with projection and mixed media installations. His works are centred around surreal representations within the framework of classical Baroque paintings. Using themes of magic, technology, and the unconscious, he strives to bring intuitive processes into the medium of collage and light art. As a Transgender person, he is fascinated by the manipulation of perceptions, and creating “natural glitches” in his works.


Death Party - Sam KARIOTIS

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