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Roberta Govoni

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Artist Statement

Growing up in Italy, I was surrounded by its rich historical architecture, which spans almost 3,500 years. During my childhood, my family would take long car trips across Italy for our summer vacations. I would often look out the window, imagining a fantasy world consisting of all the castles and abandoned mansions that would pass by, some at least a thousand years old. My favourite architecture style is Byzantine-Gothic, with its dark coloured mosaics, stained glass windows and ribbed vaults. The ability to see beauty in darkness and decay has accompanied me all my life and help me to face my fears and issues. I cannot look at an old object or building and wonder about who once owned it. What was their story and what happened to them? I often create a surreal and imaginary story about it in my head and use it as inspiration to create my art.
What happens when people die? Are they gone forever, or do they stay with us, living in our memories? When we sleep, where do we go? Is it a different universe? A portal to another world where we can meet people who are not with us?

Artist Bio

Roberta Govoni is a photographer, creative producer and artist working with photography, collages and 4D creations. She is the heart and the soul of the all-female artist collective EACexhibitions, focused on diversity and inclusivity in the arts.
Roberta is born in Cento, Italy and is based in Melbourne, Australia. She became first interested in art when she moved to Australia in 2013, first self-taught in photography, her passion for people and collaboration brought her to study at RMIT University in Melbourne, where she is finishing her Bachelor of Arts (Photography), intending to continue her study with a Master in Arts Management.
Roberta has exhibited in group and solo shows at Fremantle Art Centre and she co-curated few virtual photography exhibitions. In 2020 she was selected for RMIT Gallery Out of Site Residency and for an Art Historian & Cultural Management Internship at Galleri Heike Arndt in Berlin.
Roberta is influenced by surrealism and metaphors. She is interested in knowing underrepresented people’s point of view and stories through art, in themes as death, poverty, immigration, civil rights, inequality and national identity. She believes in unlearning preconceptions and learning empathy.


Ghost In Your Sleep - Roberta GOVONI

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