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Ritika Skand Vohra

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Artist Statement

‘Death of Form’ demonstrates an open interpretation of a textile process that denies the idea of form-making. Through a composition of photographic images, the artist re-imagines, and re-presents the interpretations felt for the textile work. Making is a continuous process that has multiple forms and shapes. Therefore, such an ever-evolving and transforming perceptual experience with making projects its ephemeral nature.
The felt sensations and movements are traces or marks, the threads are impressions flowing in different directions, and the textile waiting to be explored and expressed by its perceiver. The work as a whole presents itself along with its surroundings. When touched, this work is a beginning to new interpretations and play through conscious perceptual engagement which unfolds itself and other hidden crevices. It constructs a symphony of individual interpretations which is neither contained nor abandoned by anyone perception or thought.

Artist Bio

Ritika Skand Vohra is a maker and artist working with textile, performance and installation. She is pursuing creative practice-based research that explores creative narratives and languages of perception and transcendence. She has worked in the fashion industry as a designer for couture embroideries and ensembles. Her practice has shifted from being a designer-maker to an artist, blurring the boundaries of craft and art. Ritika explores and practices transformational, performative and participatory aspects in making. She is drawn to touch, sensations, emotions, memories, and movement as her materials.
Ritika has demonstrated design projects for industry and government-funded shows and exhibitions that present cultural and global facets. She has exhibited in group and solo shows at Brunswick Street Gallery, Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, First Site Residency, RMIT. With her undertakings and processes, she invites the audience to participate through sensory interactions and correspondences with the making.


Transmute - Ritika SKAND VOHRA

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