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Molly Burmeister

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Artist Statement

This project looks at the study of my environment and the exploration of self within my home. I have used a documentary style of photography combined with self-portraits.
Throughout this project, I had a focus on following the light around my house in order to observe the pattern within my environment. Through the use of light and the observation of how light behaves, this project explores patterns and the nature of interacting with the environment I am in. During the first lockdown, I found I felt trapped within my home and my creativity temporarily died off and I felt as if I was trapped in a mental rut.
The world we loved and knew has been taken away and thus these self-portraits depict the way in which I personally felt during these turbulent times. Overall these works were my way of creatively exploring and documenting the time spent during isolation. These artworks are a reflection of the way in which I used my creativity to explore my internal self and environment. This project enabled me to creatively explore my emotional and physical state during this time and focus on the new world in which we must begin to understand.

Artist Bio

Molly Burmeister is a Melbourne-based photographer who primarily focuses on working with her clients in order to maintain the highest level of satisfaction possible. Molly specializes in commercial photography and portrait photography. Molly has a passion for capturing the human spirit and for photographing moments in life that matter most. Molly is currently completing her Bachelor of Photography while developing a client base for her business,
Molly Burmeister Photography. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Photography at RMIT University and is currently exploring and working on a number of personal projects. Her practice focuses on exploring topics which she is passionate about as she feels her quality of work is at its peak when she pours her heart and soul into her work.


Shift in Normality (series) - Molly BURMEISTER

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