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Lucy Maddox

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Artist Statement

Our hands have taken on new importance in this era. The physical isolation from others has led us to feel starved for touch, yet we fear what our hands may have brushed against. We scrub them clean until they crack and bleed. We are afraid of contamination, of illness, of death. In my work, hands serve as a proxy for the whole self, and as an artist, they form an inseparable part of creating and making meaning. The severed hands in this work illustrate that, although separated from life, they are still capable of connection.

Artist Bio

Originally from the United States, Lucy Maddox moved to Australia in 2011 and continued her study of linguistics and her work in language teaching. As an emerging artist, she is currently completing her Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts at RMIT. Drawing from her background in language studies, much of her work centres on communication and human connection, particularly through body language and gestures. She works primarily in painting and printmaking, and her recent practice has focused on the impact of isolation on a practice that centres around the connection.


Alone - Lucy MADDOX

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