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James Smyth

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Artist Statement

“Bye, Bitch” is an in-progress jewellery piece. It is to be a wearable necklace that features traditional hand weaving techniques combined with the usage of my own hair and golden thread. “bye, Bitch” explores the cultural history of Victorian-era lockets, in which one would keep the hair of a deceased loved one, and other items of mourning jewellery, and seeks to subvert the expectations of grieving and the mourning process.

Artist Bio

James Smyth is an emerging artist currently in their third year of Fine Art at RMIT. She primarily works in painting and jewellery with a focus on queer and feminist themes, with an emphasis on the process and materiality of the work. Humour, camp and religion are reoccurring themes that frequent her work.


Bye Bitch - James SMYTH

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