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Jade Armstrong

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Artist Statement

Bitter Fractal showcases the beauty and hidden structures found in nature. It is a small sculpture series, formed by peeling and baking the core of a bitter melon. When viewed in person you can smell the subtle scent of baked fruit. The pyramid design explores the endlessly repeating fractal patterns which are the building blocks of nature. These fractals can also be seen in the vein structure of the bitter melon. The repeating pattern mirrors the way nature takes life and gives it back to the earth for future growth. The work creates a sense of mysticism and awe, which reflects the way the artist sees nature. In particular, it draws on the concept of death allowing new life to develop.

A video of the fractal map can also be viewed here.

Artist Bio

Jade Armstrong believes in a more mindful world. Her purpose is to create art that inspires others to question societal norms and observe beauty in their every day; so they can live in a more conscious way.
Her work is concerned with the passage of time, the materiality of nature and finding striking textures. She enjoys the process of experimentation and being surprised by unexpected outcomes. Themes Jade engages with through her practice include historical narratives, social observations and collective responsibility for the environment.


Bitter Fractal - Jade ARMSTRONG

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