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Artist Statement

My work often returns to art history to reconsider motifs and their values. Sydney Nolan’s symbolism only grows and diversifies alongside a world at-times understandable and at others obscene. I’m interested in our evidences, what we leave behind, we all seem to be coming to a deeper understanding of our impacts and position in time, we’re often looking back. Nolan’s drought photography returns here, not for the first time and not for the last, as a meditation on our positions and finiteness, as a reminder of our impact.

Artist Bio

BEAST is a multidisciplinary artist from Northern Australia with a predominantly mural and small object-based conceptual practice. Initially, an abstract painter, Beast’s murals can be seen through Canberra and Melbourne combining history in graffiti with academic training in Hard-Edge Abstraction. His recent work has seen a turn toward Queer Theory and an interest in systems such as economic, language and forms of knowledge. Currently completing his BFA in sculpture at RMIT, Beast’s grad work engages the by-products and accumulated waste of his expansive and materially diverse practice.


Horse, After Nolan - BEAST

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