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Avigail GIRSAI 

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Artist Statement

For me, asking what death is, is exactly like asking what is life.
And my answer will most likely always be “I don’t know”. Part because all I know is my own experience, which as an individual human, doesn’t really say m
uch. We tend to think death is a mystery. Life is too. Death, life, two parts of one - existence. The only thing I can say I know is my existence. In whatever way it may be (physical, spiritual, dimensional), it doesn’t really matter. Kind of like Descartes’ “I think therefore I am”. If you ask me.

Artist Bio

My name is Avigail Girsai, I'm a 27-year-old gal. I was born in Haifa, Israel, but lived for the past 4 years in Australia (currently in Melbourne). My main job is as a barista and hospitality all around. I'm a student in Shillington, a graphic design campus here in Melbourne, and working towards entering the creative industry. My passions are languages, human connections, writing when my muse is set on it and travelling.


Mortality - Avigail GIRSAI

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